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Audio Computer-Assisted Self Survey Software
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Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview Software (ACASI)

Studies collecting sensitive data, such as exposure to HIV, description of sexual activity, and admission of illicit drug use, have shown that subjects answering questions about such behaviors are more likely to provide accurate responses when questions are asked in an audio computer-assisted self-interview (ACASI) format. This mode of interview reduces the possibility of interviewer bias and affords increased privacy and confidentiality, while affording subjects the flexibility to answer the survey anywhere at their convenience.

Secure Survey Healthcare Studies

The ICRS web-based ACASI system has been developed to facilitate accurate collection of sensitive data in a cost-effective and secure manner. Language and literacy barriers are reduced by the Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview software. Skip patterns allow the ACASI to ask only those questions that pertain to the answers previously selected.

The ACASI system captures and stores data in real-time. As each response to a question is entered, it is sent immediately to a central database, enhancing the confidentiality of subject responses and guaranteeing the highest level of compliance with federal guidelines for the collection of protected data.

An ACASI can be developed for any kind of study or survey.

Audio Computer-Assisted Self Survey Software

Anywhere - Anytime

ICRS web-based ACASI is flexible, and operates on any web browser, including smartphones, tablet PCs, iPads and workstations without additional software. The ACASI system is available anytime in any location for maximum confidentiality and accessibility.

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